Hourly Board Rentals

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If you have SUP experience and you want to paddle on your own, we can offer you paddle board rentals for 1 hours, 2 hours, 1/2 day or full day. Our EPS high-quality boards are especially developed for our lake environment at 5125 feet (1562 meters), which is very different from paddling at sea level. We do not use inexpensive plastic, inflatables, or soft-top boards. And we offer only top of the line boards and strong, carbon fiber lightweight paddles. If you don’t have prior experience, we require a minimum of 20 minutes of basic instruction, before you can take the board out on your own.  Or, join our Fun Tour for a 2 hour guided adventure with instruction. 

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  • Paddle at your own pace 
  • View up close ecosystems
  • Play as long are as little as your time allows
  • Majestic volcanoe views


  1. Panajachel Casacolonial/PanaSurf
  2. Docks to Santa Cruz La laguna
  3. PanaSurf Santa Cruz