SUP Wakesurfing

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All of our SUP excursions offer an opportunity to enjoy the Lake Atitlan in a relaxing way, while getting a well-rounded full-body workout.  Then there are days you want to kick it up a notch.  SUP WakeSurfing is the way to go for for some high-speed fun.  Getting started takes a little practice, but once you go one round and are used to being towed behind the boat, you’ll never want to let go of the rope.  We’ll teach you various ways to sit and stand, riding on top and over of the wake.  Let’s surf an endless wave at one the most amazing lakes in the world. 




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We meet in Santa Cruz Lagoon.  The boat will be ready and waiting.  We will teach safety, standing, proper foot placement, towing, grip, and maneuvering. One or two people will paddle out in the open waters while the others will ride in the boat.  I will work with everyone individually and then the adventure will begin.  Each person will get three turns wakesurfing.  Also includes an hour of stand up paddling.


  • Full body workout

  • Incredible volcano views

  • Ride an endless wave

  • Activity the whole family can enjoy

  • Private tours only